"Old Fuss & Feathers" is a modern American supper club inspired by the recipes and techniques of America's earlier days — we will be offering an extensive and unique tasting menu with beverage pairings for twelve guests every Thursday from mid July to late August.



E V E N T    D E T A I L S

Thursday, July 19th
+ every Thursday through August 30th


Family Room at Hatchet Hall

$150 (includes food, tax, gratuity) | $225 (includes food, beverage pairings, tax, gratuity)

*Dinner will be all inclusive including a pre-dinner cocktail hour, wine pairings, and an after dinner drink at Old Man Bar.


"Old Fuss & Feathers" was the name given to General Winfield Scott, the longest standing officer in American history. General Scott was also America's most infamous gourmet. In a letter re-assigning another officer to Chesapeake Bay he famously wrote, " You are very fortunate.....it is just the season for soft-shell crabs, and hogfish have just come in, and they are the most delicious pan fish you ever ate." He later retired in the same building as Delmonico's to reduce traveling due to his substantial weight.


The food will be made by hand in our wood-burning hearth with no assistance from any modern technologies. We believe that we can look further into the future of American food by first looking to the past. What is American food? Where did it come from? And why? Beverage pairings will follow the same tack, focusing on the tastes of the colonial era, forgotten spirits and indigenous varietals. Above all else, each will be produced using minimal intervention, a sense of place, and the aim to elevate each dish with which it is paired.